Growth Tactic #70: Use Optin Worthy Content to Grow Conversions

April 13, 2017

Is your content optin worthy? Why does it matter, you ask, answering a question with a question? Because you can use optin-worthy content to grow conversions. You could be sending oodles of traffic to your website and failing to see a sales increase. Avoid this sad scenario by making the most of Growth Tactic #70 in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan, Use Optin Worthy Content to Grow Conversions

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OVERVIEW–Use Optin Worthy Content to Grow Conversions

If email marketing is an essential tactic for gathering leads and growing your business, it stands to reason that building a strong, responsive, pre-qualified list to spend your email dollars on is a fundamental first step. There’s no need to shell out thousands buying lists from brokers to get started (although you can find good sources when you want to expand your program). Start by creating content that makes visitors want to take that extra step, like filling in a simple optin form to access your unique secrets to success, or your exclusive offer. The result is, you’ll gather a valuable list of pre-qualified names, made up of visitors who are much more likely to open your emails in the future. Here are some simple steps to creating gated content that will make them “want in.”


STEP ONE: Identify a strategic idea for a piece of content that will have value for site visitors—enough value that they’ll take action, whether sharing your page on social media or opting in to provide their email addresses. Ideas could range from a longform blog post with instructional DIY information, to one or a series of eBooks offering deeper knowledge of digital marketing techniques to non-experts, as we suggested in our earlier post, Growth Tactic #8.

STEP TWO: Wondering how to create a response mechanism that makes this tactic pay off for you? Stop wondering, and start reviewing some of our resources, like the tools that can help you gather up email addresses. Other tools prompt visitors into linking your great content directly to their own followers on social media, generating additional direct visits back to your site and capturing their email addresses in the process.

STEP THREE: Push your landing page or blog post out, including your optin form or a link to the gated content (that is, the thing they can only access by opting in, etc.). Promote the content in multiple channels and measure the traffic as well as conversions generated. Adjust the content and optin features as needed, and measure again.


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