Why Should e-Marketers Care about Amazon Spark?

September 20, 2017
Amazon has unleashed a new feature designed to match shoppers with products and pair businesses with customers. It’s called Amazon Spark. A cross between Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz, it’s goal is to facilitate product discovery. But how? And what should e-marketers know about the new Instagram-style feed? Amazon Steps into the World of Social Media When you think of social media, Amazon hardly comes to mind. Aside from its product reviews, the online behemoth isn’t known for facilitating user-to-user interaction. That’s

5 Ways to Drive More Leads Via Facebook Marketing

September 14, 2017
Facebook marketing helps businesses expand their reach, establish their brand identity, find loyal followers, and promote their content. But did you know you can use the social media platform to generate leads? If Facebook isn’t a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy, then you need to reconsider your approach. Here’s why you should take advantage of Facebook Ads and what you can do to get the most mileage out of your account. Easy Pick or Epic Showdown? Facebook Ads Versus

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Leverage the Power of Video with YouTube Director for Small Business

September 12, 2017
You want to expand your customer base. You know videos are the fastest growing ad format. You know they can help your small business reach a young and growing audience, but you don’t have the budget. Or do you? If YouTube has anything to do with it, you won’t need to spend a fortune (or an eternity) to leverage the power of video ads. That’s because the tech giant recently unveiled a new suite of products called YouTube Director. The

7 Steps to Improving User Experience

September 6, 2017
As a generation well versed in technology, our expectations for website usability are constantly rising. This means that web developers have to keep up with their competitors, or better yet, stay ahead of them by using innovative methods to make the user experience more fluid. Though the task may seem initially daunting, it can be made easier by simply understanding what users get out of your website's interface. From there, the process of modifying your website to meet the needs

9 Quick Video Marketing Tips: Skyrocket Your Company’s Conversions and Sales

August 28, 2017
Video marketing has finally transitioned from a “maybe” to a “must.” With more than 1 billion people using YouTube – one-third of all Internet users –the importance of video marketing cannot be denied. If your business isn’t in front of the camera...there’s a good chance you’re falling behind. It’s easy to see why. In our fast-paced world, we have evolved to process images faster than text. So, when you combine written and visual content, there’s a significant increase in understanding,

8 Reasons To Use Micro-Influencers In Marketing

August 22, 2017
If you dabble at all in the marketing sphere, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ve heard the buzz word “influencer” by now. Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea of influencer marketing, maybe you’re one of the 75% of marketers who currently utilize some form of influencer marketing in your strategy, or perhaps you’re not yet convinced that influencer marketing is the right choice for your brand. Regardless of your current connection with this ever-expanding phenomenon – and your opinion of it
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