We have a passion for helping small and medium sized, entrepreneurial-minded companies succeed. We focus on technology (we believe it should be used to simplify online marketing), so our clients can focus on their businesses. The results are consistent: higher sales, and a return on dollars spent. Pretty impressive, if we do say so.

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While our ultimate goal is getting you quantifiable results, long-term success isn’t just a technology play. No matter how analytical the approach, we never underestimate the value of the human element. Our success begins with our people.
The National Positions team is comprised of highly-skilled digital strategists, SEO analysts, web designers and programmers, paid-search experts, social media, content writers, and marketing professionals, all of whom are dedicated to generating ROI for our clients.
And, while metrics are what drive us, we’ve found the most profitable campaigns are about “right-sizing” the internet – taking technology back to its roots – as a tool for connecting humans.


Our KPI-driven approach is based upon measurement and visibility. We work hard to maintain a creative and collabora tive ecosystem, a holistic approach which supports and ensures best performances for our clients.
Our team is constantly researching and finding new ways to empower your campaign with the most innovative technology to drive traffic, leads and sales to your website. We use an array of tools, licensed through strategic partnerships as well as proprietary technology developed in-house.
And now, a few words about the importance of trust…
Trust is critical to any relationship, and it’s often lost when businesses chase technical metrics over human ones. Our work will always be open for evaluation and will be done with full transparency. We promise to never take your business – or your trust – for granted.
Are you ready to get to work? We are.


As an influencer, I get a lot of invitations to work with marketing companies but usually turn them down because, ahem, I find them annoying. That’s why working with Jaclyn and National Positions was such pleasant surprise. The company was so professional, competent and friendly – I’d work with them again in a New York minute and recommend them highly.

National Positions sent me an email…so I responded. I’m going nowhere else…I have been astonished with their willingness to go above and beyond, and the results I’ve seen mirror that intensity. When I need any member of my team at National Positions, they respond within minutes…marketing has a cost, but when you have an organized, highly proficient team of experts, the money is a small investment compared to the results you receive.  My business is international and highly competitive, and my team at National Positions did the work to achieve the global impact I need.  I am truly so very, very grateful…I highly recommend them to any company, big or small.  My marketing campaign has transparency, relevance, and above all, I look at Jackie and Ed as members of my staff that care just as much about my success as I do…thank you National Positions…I’m so excited for the future and what is in store for my company.

A pleasure working with the guys at National Positions. Top notch communication, which is crucial in the online space. Would always work with National Positions when the opportunity presents itself.

Prudential Overall Supply works with National Positions for SEO and social media management services. We continue to do business with NP because they continue to deliver increased results that help expand our brand, web presence and customer conversions. We work with our NP account team each month to help analyze our key metrics and branding initiatives. These review meetings help determine areas for improvement. It’s a healthy partnership that makes our company better.


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