Client ‘Three Jerks Jerky’ Sparks Frenzy on ‘Shark Tank’

October 30, 2015

We’ve always loved the jerky produced by our clients ‘Three Jerks Jerky.’

As their official digital marketing partner, we’re lucky enough to get samples all the time, and they’re always a big hit around the office.

We’ve been singing their praises now for almost six months, so we were thrilled to see them get recognition on national television.

Shark Tank on ABC allows innovators and business owners to confront a panel of well-known investors (or “sharks”) so they can pitch their product and hopefully gain funding. The guys at Three Jerks Jerky had recently became short one jerk, so a spot was open.

Two of the three Jerks, Daniel Fogelson and Jordan Barrocas, went on the show to pitch their high-grade beef jerky and find a new investor.

Passionate about their product, they explained the painstaking process that led to them developing the best, juiciest, premium-grade jerky on the market. ““We are the only jerky made from 100 percent filet mignon beef,” explains Barrocas. “We also use all natural ingredients that are free of gluten, nitrates and artificial preservatives.”

three-jerks-jerky-shark-tankAfter the investors sampled their product and reviewed their business as whole (including the website we recently redesigned for them), they made their decision. While 3 other investors made offers, Investor Daymon John won out, investing $100,000 for 15% of Three Jerks Jerky and retaining an option to buy another 15% for another $100K.

We first met with co-owner Daniel Fogelson June of this year at his Los Angeles office to discuss the overall SEO profile of his site. After giving Dan a custom diagnosis and resolving behind-the-scenes technical issues on his site, we were able to strengthen his standing within the highly competitive beef jerky market by focusing on his product’s extraordinarily high quality. Their business plan is based around the idea that most jerky companies use the “round” of the meat while Three Jerks uses only the finest cuts of filet mignon.

Impressed by our SEO work, the Jerks eventually asked us to redesign their website to help feature new products that would be utilizing different flavors and styles of the jerky.

The key to their business certainly lies in the mesmerizing taste of their beef jerky, but our efforts to strengthen the Three Jerks Jerky brand certainly aided in the building success of this soon-to-be jerky giant.

To learn more about Three Jerks Jerky and see what all the fuss is about, visit their (newly redesigned!) website.

To see Three Jerks Jerky on ABC’S Shark Tank click here!

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