Growth Tactic #90 Happy Employees for a Happy Bottom Line

May 11, 2017

Can you guess which employees constantly crush it on the job? Ding, ding! Happy ones! When your team members love your company (and their roles in it), they’re far more likely to give each task all they’ve got. If you want to grow productivity with a results-driven team, respect their talent and honor their efforts. You’ll soon see why you need Happy Employees for a Happy Bottom Line. Find out how to keep your staff smiling and working hard with Growth Tactic #90 in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.


OVERVIEW–Happy Employees for a Happy Bottom Line Young business group male and female sitting around meeting table, grasping hands in a huddle

From great health insurance to small social and personal perks, you have the power to grow productivity by making your company irresistible to employees, both silver and gold. Create an environment so fun and exciting that staff members never daydream of leaving (in place of doing their work). Instead, they dream at night of coming back the next day, eager to pick up where they left off. Ignore this responsibility and watch irreplaceable staff walk right out the door.

You may be the brains behind the operation, but your employees direct the hands, move the feet, and keep the whole body in motion. So, the more enthusiastic they are about their positions, the more driven they’ll be to make sure your brand succeeds. All it takes is the proper motivation, acknowledgment, and appreciation. Just a few small gestures on your end will keep your team working harder, smarter and happier.


STEP ONE: How can you find out what your employees want more (or less) of? Ask them! Consider leaving a comment box in a common area so that your team members can anonymously make requests, share ideas, and alert you to any problems, etc. You can also send out monthly or bi-monthly surveys to your staff, asking them to rate their overall satisfaction and to see if they need anything to make their jobs easier – so they can do their work more efficiently (items for their desks, new software, etc.).

STEP TWO: Once you gain a better understanding of what your employees want and need, make some of the (reasonable) requests part of the company culture moving forward. Here are some ideas to consider: flexible work hours, bonuses, shout-outs in front of the rest of the team; free snacks, invitations to network events and conferences that present a learning opportunity, and monthly luncheons to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new employees, and victories. See the Resources and Tools section below for even more ideas.

STEP THREE: Set up quarterly check-ins with each staff member. Invite their direct manager, their team, or just chat one-on-one to find out how things are going behind the scenes. Really listen and take note. We can’t stress this enough – the more love you show your employees, the better results you’ll see. It’s probably the simplest equation you’ll come across all day. So, treat your extended family the way they deserve to be treated – and watch the results pile up!


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