Growth Tactic #64: The Exclusive Beta Test

April 5, 2017

Are you ready for the ultimate FOMO tactic? Make people feel like their worlds will crumble if they miss a chance to become part of the exclusive beta test you’ve engineered. Launch a new product, service, or even an entire business in such a way that anyone who’s anyone will crave to be first in line. Find out about this powerful way to build buzz and more in today’s newest Growth Tactic for your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. It’s #64, The Exclusive Beta Test.

OVERVIEW – The Exclusive Beta Test

A key. A secret password. The flash of a badge. People are going to need something special to gain access to your exclusive beta test. Becoming part of the in-crowd shouldn’t be an easy feat with a guaranteed outcome. It’s for early birds, winners, the top 1%. At least that’s what it should feel like to each person who sees your new landing page and the exclusive beta test you’re offering. As a member of your elite squad, they’ll build buzz for you, as they seek entry into your secret club that others will have to wait days, weeks, or months longer to join. You can apply this tactic to the launch of a new business, product or service to lure in new customers. Get all eyes on your brand–by only letting a few pairs get a first look. 


STEP ONE: When preparing for the exclusive beta test, you need to make sure that your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed before launching. Just how exclusive do you want to make your offer (the first 20 people? 100? 1,000?)? What are you testing (ideas: a product so new it barely has a name, a free trial, primary access, etc.)?   

STEP TWO: Create your landing page with an opt-in form and highlights about your exclusive beta test.  Check this out for one example and a little inspiration. 

STEP THREE: Promote, promote, promote. Newsletters, press releases, casual emails to friends, formal invites to prospects and customers, social media campaigns–flood the internet and alert your contacts with your exciting news.


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