Growth Tactic #57: FOMO–When Fear Works

March 27, 2017

Do you know the code? The hidden meaning behind FOMO? Afraid you’ll miss out (wink, wink)? It’s really no secret, in fact, FOMO refers to the very common human reaction known as Fear of Missing Out. Learn how to build urgency when you use FOMO to grow your business, in Growth Tactic #57 FOMO—When Fear Works. Don’t you miss out on this latest update in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

OVERVIEW: FOMO–When Fear Works

FOMO (fear of missing out)–it’s that insecure feeling you get when everyone else seems to be in on a deal or a trend, and you’re not…or, you’re afraid you might not be. Savvy online marketers and business owners know that this particular human frailty can build urgency and work as a motivator to get visitors clicking and converting. Save your site visitors from missing out on your amazing products and services, when you learn how to apply this time-tested strategy.


STEP ONE: Imagine what your particular audience might find inspirational—or fear-inducing. As with all marketing strategies, it starts with knowing some fundamentals about your users, then testing a few different approaches. Can you suggest future scarcity or immediate, limited availability of your products? Or, reference an emerging trend your visitors can become a part of if they take action?

STEP TWO: Armed with a concept and content outline, it’s time to get creative. Develop the visual aspect of your campaign with images that will appeal to your target groups and reinforce the message. Build in some structural pieces, too, to increase the rate of response. Consider some tools we’ve suggested in our earlier Growth Tactic blog posts, like Growth Tactic #31, Create Urgency with A Countdown Timer.

STEP THREE: When your campaign is all ready to go, execute on your FOMO promotional strategy. You may rely on sharing across your multiple social media pages, sending an email to selected lists, or ideally, a combination of the two. Track responses, and try tweaking single elements (the call-to-action or the graphic image, for example), to see if results improve. Check out our resources below for additional background and ideas.


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