Growth Tactic #41 – Build a Best Blogs Video Series

March 3, 2017

Tap into that valuable goldmine of information sitting in your archives and transform past blogs into a new, cost-effective video series. You know video is the hot up-and-coming format, but maybe you haven’t yet figured out how to generate the new content needed to keep up with the trend. It’s easier than you think to Build a Best Blogs Video Series. Learn how in Growth Tactic #41 from your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.


Yes, there are hidden resources on your blog page, just waiting to be rediscovered and given their moment in the spotlight. Look for posts that are fresh or that lend themselves to updating, especially those you created for a series. You can also decide on a new series theme and locate past blogs that covered topics relevant to your themed focus.

Give each blog a review and refresh to make sure the content is both current and valuable to your audience. Too many winning blogs to choose from? Lucky you—if that’s your challenge, then narrow down your options by checking for stats on engagement, and pick those that generated the best response. Now, you’re ready to create a series of videos from your best blogs and publish new, updated educational content on YouTube. Here’s the “how-to.”


STEP ONE: Do some research in your own blog archive. Look for a series or identify some winners that produced engagement and that could be tied together for a new series. Check out an earlier Growth Tactic post, #13-Best Posts Compilation, for detailed ideas on choosing and compiling best blogs. If nothing appeals, outline key topics that have educational value for your audience (check your FAQs) and produce all-new content.

STEP TWO: Write a script for each video in your series. Remember to be succinct for timing purposes and use action words to hold viewer interest. Create on-screen graphics or use a slideshow presentation format, such as PowerPoint.

STEP THREE: Use iMovie or your in-house videographer to film your video. Edit using ScreenFlow, Camtasia, or iMovie. Upload your videos into a playlist. Decide on a schedule. Do you want to promote a series all at once? Or will you get more bang for your buck out of a slow drip, posting and promoting one at a time on a regular basis. Once that’s decided, it’s time to share—with all your followers, through any content outlets you use, and through a series of blog posts that link to each video.

Check out our resources below for more ideas on ways to produce and promote a high-value, low- to no-cost video series.


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