With 12 years in the business, we know what it takes to create powerful, profitable, digital marketing campaigns. At National Positions, our team works with you to understand your business and provide you with strategic insight, innovative solutions, and a team of experts directly devoted to the success of your campaign.
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Our methodology offers a step-by-step, proven process for setting the right focus and direction for your campaign.


Having a powerful presence online isn’t just an idea–it involves real, quantifiable metrics.

At National Positions, we are dedicated to generating great results. That’s why our key focus is on generating more leads and sales for your business. To accomplish this we measure the metrics that matter most to your overall ROI.
Our team has an analytical, KPI-driven, goal-oriented approach to every campaign. Every 90 days, we meet with you to plan and set your strategic digital direction. A fully articulated strategic plan includes goals such as increases in traffic, goal completions and improvements in bounce rates.


Innovation is in our DNA, from programs continuously monitoring your Technical SEO to our own Influencer marketing platform, enabling us to create powerful sponsored content campaigns. We have made and continue to make significant investments in the proprietary technologies that we use to power your campaigns and give you the edge against your competition.
Successful digital marketing involves a complicated blend of online marketing strategies. With a team standing behind each campaign, we are able to drive towards one unifying vision for your business, keep your branding consistent, work in complete transparency and seamlessly integrate every element of your campaign.


At National Positions, we take pride in providing unsurpassed customer service. Digital marketing is a set of complicated strategies.
We provide you with your own dedicated team, which is what allows us to give your campaign the attention it deserves.
Voicemails responded to
within 3 business hours or less
Emails responded
to within 4 business
hours or less
Campaign tasks
completed on time
and on budget
Consistent communication
and dedicated reporting


It takes a team to engineer and implement a marketing campaign capable of generating a profitable online presence. We bring our most talented minds together to form teams that execute campaigns in-house from start to finish.
Each campaign receives dedicated team of experts (a client partner, content strategist and program manager) all based in-house to devise strategies, optimize your campaign, and keep you in the loop. We have an amazing team of writers, programmers, social media marketers, technical experts and everyone in-between who work together to streamline your campaign and bring you measurable results.


With over 12 years of experience, we have the tools, the technology and the know-how to provide businesses with powerful online exposure, qualified leads and long-term growth. We’re honored to be certified Google Partners, awarded by the LA Business Journal, and named as an Inc 500/5000 company for 5 consecutive years. Our repeated recognition in the digital marketing community is a testament to our incredible team, our ability to adapt alongside the search algorithms, and our proven strategies that drive real business online for our clients.


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