What Is Value Based Marketing?

February 13, 2012

Value Based Marketing is a new method to market your company so that it can be found in today’s Internet Age. Value Based Marketing is the result of three different components: being data-driven, analytical, and creative. In order to apply the Value Based Marketing approach, your marketing plan should include all three qualities.

Goal Setting

At the beginning of your marketing campaign, you should set a goal that will be appropriate for your plan; the plan should have assessable benchmarks that confirm ROI through analytical and creative statistics. Depending on what your marketing campaign goals are, your plan can be determined.


When you are tracking your success, you should take an objective view when measuring your statistics. In order to ensure a successful marketing campaign, you must determine if the features you are implementing work or not. In order to accomplish that, you shouldn’t stick to a certain idea that you think will help your campaign succeed. If you see that it isn’t working, you should rework your strategy in order to achieve ROI.


You must continue to optimize your campaign for both short and long term success. Since there is always something new with technology, you must be able to take the steps required to keep up with the times so that your marketing plan meets your objectives. KPIs play a part in your campaign success, but before you are able to set new goals, your first goals must succeed.

What’s the new marketing mindset?

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