What is Retargeting and Why is it so Important in 2013?

January 9, 2013

You may notice that very few of your first-time visitors actually become your customers during that first site visit. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. For most businesses, conversion doesn’t usually happen the first time a customer visits their site. In fact, only about 2% of these first-time visitors convert on the spot. And that’s okay—as long as you can get them back.

In 2013, with the focus increasingly being directed toward concrete ROI and real conversion, retargeting is a technique that’s quickly becoming one of the secrets to success in the Internet marketing world.

Retargeting, otherwise known as remarketing, is an innovative technology that’s designed to help you place your ads in an informed and strategic way, so you can keep your brand visible to traffic even after it’s bounced from your site.

How does retargeting work? A cookie-based code is embedded on your site, allowing you to anonymously and invisibly track your site visitors even once they leave your page.  A visitor usually visits a page, leaves it, and then continues to surf the web. What retargeting allows your business to do, is follow that visitor as they continue to search and surf the web, showing you where your traffic goes and how best to target it in the future. That way, you can place your ads strategically, recapturing your audience’s attention and converting those one-time site visitors into spending customers. With more and more attention grabbing ads out there to compete with, having the inside information on how, and where, to place your ads to re-capture the most customer interest can be the key to success in 2013.

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