Tips on Turning Facebook Fans into Customers

June 14, 2011

It’s no secret that the volume of businesses becoming active on Facebook is rapidly expanding everyday. Facebook has become one of the most popular approaches to social media marketing for businesses. Facebook has proven itself a great channel for brand promotion and valuable company-consumer interaction. Come to our webinar tomorrow “How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business” to learn how Facebook and other social media sites can give your business measurable results.

Many businesses strive to multiply the amount of “likes” on their Facebook pages to measure their social media marketing success, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being successful with your Facebook marketing.

Even though these Facebook users who have become “fans” of your business may be aware of your business, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re also your customers. Your business should incorporate these tips so your Facebook fans can become real fans of your business that give you bottom-line results.

• Include calls-to-action on your Facebook page to turn more of your Facebook fans into leads. Once they’ve “liked” your page, tell them exactly what they should do next. If your call-to-action is a form (say for a newsletter subscription or quote), be sure it’s small and has no more than 3 or 4 fields. Social media users are accustomed to convenient 2-field forms when they sign in on Facebook, so if you make it more difficult and time-consuming for them, they probably won’t take that next step you want them to.

• Make it personal. When a Facebook fan comments on one of your posts or discussion boards, respond to them in a timely, personal manner so they know you’re listening and value their input. Facebook is an opportunity for companies to show consumers that there are real people behind their businesses, so interact with your fans and make personal connections with them.

• Give your fans what they want, and what your fans want is free stuff! Studies show a majority of consumers engaged in social media sites like Facebook “like” brands because they want free stuff, coupons, or discounts. Running giveaway contests for lucky fans or giving your fans an exclusive coupon once they become a fan is a great way to keep your fans happy and give them what they want – but wait, there’s a silver lining.

Giving Facebook users an exclusive 25% coupon for your website once they’ve become a fan drives them to your site. This is targeted traffic that’s going to your site with the motivation and purpose of buying something. Contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, and coupons are an excellent way to get your Facebook fans to your website and transform them into customers.

• Keep it fresh. Update the content on your Facebook page so your fans have something to come back to (and stuff they’ll want to come back to). A great way to keep your Facebook page fresh for your fans is to link to your recurring blog posts or other exciting news pertaining to your company or industry. Constantly be posting helpful tips your Facebook fans will want to hear. Giving helpful, free information to people increases the chance that they’ll want to do business with your company.

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