Tips on Succeeding in the Mobile Search World

June 9, 2011

Research and Markets forecasts total mobile search revenue will top $8 billion by 2015.

This is no surprise considering the growing number of mobile users are turning to their smartphones for answers to their latest search questions.The mobile revolution offers businesses tremendous marketing opportunities for increased revenue. Does your business have a plan on how to tap into mobile search? Here are some crucial components you need to include in your plan of action to ensure success in the mobile world.

1. Create a mobile optimized website. After all, the mobile revolution is happening because people love the hassle-free, quick, and convenient experiences mobile devices can give them. With 142.1 million people expected to access the web on their mobile devices in 2014, your business needs to have a website specifically optimized for mobile devices. People using their mobile phones for search expect to land on pages that are mobile-friendly and make it easy for them to navigate and find what they need, boosting your lead generation and sales coming from mobile devices.

To ensure you have an effective mobile site, the mobile version of your website needs to better the overall experience for your mobile customers. Be sure your website has speedy load times since mobile users are people on the go who want answers to their needs instantaneously. Don’t cut down on the services or products you offer on your mobile website since this can frustrate consumers and decrease your chance of making a sale.

Optimize all areas of your mobile website including the checkout page if you’re an eCommerce business to avoid losing prospects at the end of the funnel due to a confusing checkout process that can’t be navigated easily on mobile phones.

2. Figure out if your business needs an app. Apps can greatly enhance customer experience and give your business revenue results (which may be why the idea of apps is so alluring to so many businesses). However, apps are an investment of precious time and money, so figure out if your business is the type that lends itself to the audience of people who are using apps. If so, is the nature of your business conducive to the culture of the apps world? If not, focus your time and budget on other areas of mobile marketing that are more practical for your business.

3. Implement a Mobile SEO strategy. Your business needs to have an SEO strategy specifically for mobile to get found. Studies have shown that people on mobile devices search with very different keywords than people on desktop computers, so understand the different culture and keywords of mobile searches. Your business should include tactics like mobile keyword selection, mobile website link generation, and mobile sitemaps.

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