Thinking Beyond Just SEO: 6 Steps to Selling More

October 21, 2011

The good folks over at Kissmetrics have an interesting new infographic on the 6 Steps to Selling More.

We really recommend checking this out. (In fact, you should take a look at all of Kissmetrics’ marketing infographics.)

Getting found online is the foundation of your company’s success. And for better exposure and more qualified leads, you need a powerful marketing campaign that’s utilizing SEO, PPC and social media marketing. However, there’s more to your success than just driving traffic; converting visitors into customers is another key component.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Kissmetric’s 6 Steps to Selling More.

1. “Pay Attention to Formatting.”

Our take: By this, they mean that your site’s design, copy and calls-to-action need to be seamlessly integrated and optimized for sales. We agree, but we wouldn’t necessarily consider this the absolute most important factor when it comes to conversion.

2. “Use Crisp and Clear Copywriting.”
Our take: Another example of us agreeing but not really. Look, there’s no doubt that clear and concise copy is important. But a better way to think about it is to use words that sell. Use trigger language that makes an emotional appeal. For instance, Apple’s marketing does not work simply because it is crisp and clear. It works because it captures the imagination of the customer and pulls at the heartstrings. So, yes, keep it simple. But more importantly, make it engaging and creative.

3. “Avoid Copywriting Mistakes.”
Our take: This is a given. Any misspellings or grammatical SNAFUs will lose you a ton of credibility. Nobody is going to find your business credible if your website is rife with errors. But this is a pretty easy fix. If you don’t have an in-house copywriter, have a friend or professional take a look at your website to edit the copy. Rather than stressing the importance of correct spellings–which is necessary–you should think more conceptually. Which leads us to…

4. “Establish Trust.”
Our take: As far as we’re concerned THIS IS THE BIG ONE! The ultimate goal of a marketing campaign is to instill confidence and trust. You need to convince your customer that only do they need your product, but that they need to buy it from you! So you need to start by establishing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Write down your USP in word doc. It shouldn’t be more than line or two. (If it takes you too long to explain your USP, you have some real marketing problems!) Once you have your USP, figure out how to use it to establish trust in your company. In doing so, identify the key objections a customer will have and make sure you can answer them with risk reversals and confidence builders. If this all sounds like a multi-layered and complex step, that’s because it is! In fact, we wouldn’t consider this Step No. 4. It is the beginning, middle and end to your conversion strategy!

5. “Go Above and Beyond the Basics.”
Our take: With all due respect to Kissmetrics, this is sort of gibberish. (We’re not complaining too much. It’s tough to fill out an infographic list!) Yes, your sales process should go above and beyond the basics. But when it comes to a conversions strategy for your website, think in terms of USP, trust, risk reversals, value and emotional appeal. Maybe that is going above and beyond the basics, but it is easier to think on those terms.

6. “Outrank the Competition.”
Our take: Look, as an Internet marketing company that specializes in SEO and PPC management, we have a dog in this fight. So take our advice for what it’s worth. That being said, outranking the competition in the organic and paid search results is BY FAR AND AWAY THE MOST IMPORTANT ONLINE MARKETING FACTOR! If your company isn’t getting found by enough people, it really doesn’t matter what else you are doing.

As the saying goes…If a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s around, does it make a noise?

If a website is optimized for conversion and wonderfully put together yet nobody finds it, does it really matter?

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