Is Another Penguin Approaching? How Your Business Can Prepare

April 12, 2013

We’ve all been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well, another shoe has dropped.

We’re talking about another Penguin update here people.

Since the most recent Penguin algorithm update which was recorded in October of 2012, it’s been only a matter of time until Google rolls out another Penguin update.

The first Penguin, which was designed to help Google crack down on sites spamming the search results, caused many sites, especially those that had been buying links or getting them from link networks.

Recently, Google’s Matt Cutts admitted that the search engine will no longer be pushing out manual “Panda” data refreshes (or announcing them) since Pandas will now be integrated into Google’s natural, more gradual algorithm changes. While it seems major Panda refreshes are no longer something sites will be seeing or noticing as easily, that doesn’t mean Google is finished rolling out big changes altogether.

There will indeed be another Penguin to look forward to in 2013, and a big one at that, announced Matt Cutts at the SMX West panel, The Search Police. The update should happen either this coming Friday,  It’s been almost exactly one year since the first Penguin hit the search scene April 24th, 2012, and according to the blogosphere, SEO experts, and Google itself: it’s about time we see another.

So what can you do to prepare?

This new Penguin is said to be part of the “next generation” of updates and is said by  Cutts to be “very significant”–so it’s essential your site and your business get ready now.

Removing bad links is crucial, and Google disavow links tool is a great resource.

But beyond removing spammy links, it’s important your business start expanding your presence all over the web by building a strong system of valuable links. To learn more about high-quality link building, check out our recorded Webinar on Post-Penguin Link Building that can help you prepare for what’s in store and build links Google will love that are geared to get you more visibility online.

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