Our New Mobile SEO Program and Free Mobile Website Optimizer!

May 6, 2011

Now is the time to enter the mobile market.

Right now, there are about 90 million mobile users in the U.S. In 2012, 25% of all web activity will be done on a mobile device. By 2016, mobile web usage will surpass traditional web usage. And 90% of all mobile searches result in an action!

To maximize your business, you must be a part of this revolutionary new market.

National Positions offers you a turn-key solution: an innovative new Mobile SEO program designed specifically to get you found by mobile users.

Our National Mobile Marketing program includes a FREE Mobile Website Optimizer! Now you can create your own mobile site in 3 easy steps.

We’re the only company in the world to offer this cutting-edge program at no cost.

To learn more about how to get started, watch our free webinar: How to Harness the Mobile Market to Grow Your Online Business!

• Faster load times
• Better security
• Personal calls-to-action
• Better conversion rates
• Mobile users will be automatically redirected to your mobile site

What’s the new marketing mindset?

It’s all about growth.
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