New Infographic: Why Content Matters for SEO

October 18, 2011

Brafton News has an awesome new infographic on Why Content Matters for SEO.

The graphic reports that 92% of marketers say that content creation is an effective component of Search Engine Optimization!

Put us squarely in the majority. We’ve long practiced what we’ve preached; for us the 3 pillars of SEO are content development, onsite programming (AKA onsite optimization) and linking.

And now that Google has rolled out the Panda Updates, the importance of quality, researched and fresh content is more important than ever! Not to pat ourselves on the back (although why not? it is our own blog!) but we were one of the first Internet marketing companies to respond to the Panda Updates by launching a revamped content development strategy. Our Seed Keyword program helps to identify and create content themes that Google now values. In creating themes around seed keywords (with a basket of related and secondary keywords) we help you create a website that Google deems a subject authority, thus resulting in higher rankings and more traffic.

Watch our video below to learn why content is so important for your site’s rankings.

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