Growth Tactic #99 Stand Out in the Crowd to Get Your Business Seen

May 24, 2017

What’s your marketing shtick? You’ve got killer content, an incredible product or service, a rock star team with unmatched customer service skills…what more could you need? What more do people want from your brand for crying out loud!? They want you to be different, but also relatable. So, your job is to dazzle them with a shareable, viral campaign they’ve never seen before – yet can instantly connect with. Find out how you can manage the impossible with Stand Out in the Crowd to Get Your Business Seen, Growth Tactic #99 in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

OVERVIEW–Stand Out in the Crowd to Get Your Business Seen a pile of blue paper clips with one red one separate from the pile

You’ll get prospects to stop snoring – when YOU stop being boring. If you’re married to the idea that traditional marketing is still the only way to go – prepare yourself for a high divorce rate among current customers, and a lack of proposals from new prospects. Why? Because we’re all bored. Let’s face it – unexciting ads and dull marketing campaigns are around every corner and on every screen. They blend together and overlap. Been there, seen that. That’s why you need to give your target audience a campaign that’s so epic, they instantly feel inspired to share and brag. And as we know, bragging leads to buzz, which hopefully translates to lots of new, curious and interested parties–in other words, a truly viral campaign. So, go ahead – try something different. Take a walk on the wild side! Don’t just show up – stand out.


STEP ONE: This tactic definitely requires some entertaining research and brainstorming sessions with your creative team. Find inspiration from other oddball marketing techniques that have been successful in the past.

STEP TWO: Come up with your own spin on an old classic or start from scratch. You’re trying to do two things here: grab attention and boost awareness for your brand. So be funny, be outrageous, be exciting – but make sure your message makes sense. Leave them wanting more – not feeling confused.

STEP THREE: Get your fans hyped about your upcoming campaign. Send out advance social media posts (WARNING! Exciting things in T-minus two days!), email your list, and work with influencers or experts. If you’re not having fun with this tactic…then you’re doing it wrong!


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