Growth Tactic #91 Social Proof from Celebrity Endorsements

May 12, 2017

Ever consider asking a celebrity or industry leader to endorse your company? The idea may not be so farfetched. Securing brand endorsements from celebrities can dramatically increase your company’s sales and profits by creating social proof and brand credibility. Find out how you can obtain Social Proof from Celebrity Endorsements in Growth Tactic #91, the next step in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan.

OVERVIEW–Social Proof from Celebrity Endorsements  Closeup of man's hands signing autographs with pen

Building brand awareness is a key part of growing your business. So why not get to chat with a celebrity in the process? Unless your company is already well-known, finding celebrities to do brand endorsements may seem like a daunting (and expensive) task. So, what can you do to attract the right hot-shot? From A-listers to B-listers, local heroes to globetrotters, and athletes to models, celebrities come in all shapes and sizes—there’s no need to limit yourself when seeking an endorsement. Even a simple shout-out can make your brand stand apart from others. And what’s one of the best parts about gaining celebrity backing? Since your favorite stars typically have a large following on social media, a celebrity endorsement can skyrocket your audience awareness. Read through the steps below to learn how you can claim your moment of fame, boost brand credibility and develop trust with your customers.


STEP ONE: Think big–but then, think small. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to your favorite celeb, but thinking locally in terms of endorsements may prove beneficial too. When deciding who should be the face of your brand, try not to limit your approach to only A-list celebrities…the underdog may better represent your brand. Also, think about your customers and their needs. Just because your favorite quarterback endorses other brands doesn’t mean he’s the best match for your makeup line.

STEP TWO: Convince your favorite famous person to endorse your brand. One way to persuade a potential celebrity to participate is by giving them free stuff. If they like it, great! You could get a free endorsement. But, spending a little hard cash on an official partnership can guarantee more brand awareness. Aligning with your celebrity’s favorite charity is another great option. Partnering with a non-profit that already partners with your celebrity can help you gain an endorsement, support a good cause, and attract fellow supporters in the process. Ready for more tips? Visit our Resources and Tools section below.

STEP THREE: Thank your celebrity for the awesome endorsement. Chances are, celebrities may give your company more shout-outs in the future. Post a picture of your “walking billboard” on Instagram and tag him or her in it. Or, say thanks on Twitter for even more publicity. Don’t be shy… let the world know that a celebrity endorsed your brand.


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