Free eBook: How to Maximize Your Ecommerce Site with SEO and Social Media

July 17, 2013

Many of today’s ecommerce sites have yet to tap into all the resources available to them–meaning missed opportunities and lost business. By leveraging the industry’s top organic ecommerce marketing tactics, online retailers can get more exposure, more traffic, and more business.

That’s why National Positions and HubSpot have teamed up to write a new Free eBook on Organic Ecommerce Marketing, that gives e-tailers all the information they need to maximize their ecommerce site with Search Engine Optimization and Social Media marketing.

In order to succeed in the highly competitive ecommerce market, it’s essential to boost your organic exposure and expand your online presence. This eBook on How to Maximize Your Ecommerce Site with SEO and Social Media, you’ll learn trade secrets that have the power to dramatically enhance your ecommerce site’s search and social performance–helping you attract valuable traffic, engage viable leads, and increase business.

In this comprehensive 55-page eBook, co-written by both HubSpot and National Positions’ top organic marketing experts and ecommerce gurus, we’ll teach you all about:

  • Adapting your SEO strategies to recover from Google’s latest Panda and Penguin updates
  • The importance of identifying Buyer Personas
  • The secret to writing content that both search engines and searchers will love
  • The power of rich snippets–including what they are and how you can benefit from them
  • Why social media and ecommerce are a match made in heaven
  • How to use Facebook marketing for ecommerce success
  • How you can leverage social media to start seeing more profits
  • And much more!

To learn more about how you can enhance your ecommerce marketing with SEO and social media marketing, get your copy of this Free eBook HERE!


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