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Wellmed is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of natural nutritional supplements. Founded in 1997, WellMed quickly rose to become one of the premiere manufacturers and distributors of nutritional supplements and health products in America.


With the majority of their lead generation consisting of offline marketing and direct response mailers, WellMed needed help creating a powerful digital marketing campaign and expanding beyond the direct mailers they had relied on for over a decade.


National Positions began by optimizing their overall online presence with onsite optimization and technical SEO. Our team then initiated a promotional campaign designed to build brand awareness and drive qualified traffic back to the site.

We built custom-designed landing pages for their most profitable products; then, utilizing the elements of the copy that had worked so successfully for WellMed’s direct mailing campaigns in the past, we created a “giveaway” campaign that was distributed to free listing sites and shared around the web. We tracked the success of the campaign in Google Analytics and used heat and scroll maps to monitor traffic and user activity on their site.



The giveaway campaign generated so much interest that WellMed ran out of the product within a matter of days. The team did not expect it to “explode the way that it did.” From one distributed link, the custom landing page went viral was picked up and shared on over 25 other sites.

At the end of the campaign, the team created a specific landing page thanking visitors, capturing lead information, and directing them to follow Wellmed on Facebook for more information.


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