Buy preowned sites to jumpstart your SEO campaign

August 18, 2010

If you are trying to start your first website for your company or add a new one to your existing list of sites, it is essential to purchase a website that already has some SEO value in it. This is a very important step in your SEO Campaign. To do this, you should go out and buy a newly expired or deleted domain rather than a brand new one.

A reason for this is that domains that are expired are aged and may have quality back links pointing to the website. If you buy a brand new domain, it has no history with search engines and has absolutely zero links. Search engines are unlikely to crawl and rank your site for at least six months until you establish yourself in the Internet market.

When searching for deleted or expired domains to purchase, it is smart to register a domain that has just recently become available. Freshly expired sites still have the most SEO value in them because sites are still linked to them. Owners of those sites are not likely to have broken ties with the site you take over. Knowing how to buy domains for your new sites will help your SEO strategies get a leg up on the competition!

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