3 Reasons You Should Advertise on Facebook:

July 17, 2017

With several digital marketing channels available to businesses today, one channel in particular stands out from the rest: Facebook.

With the vast data and information Facebook has about its users, Facebook advertising is allowing businesses to reach current and new customers easier than ever. If you’re unsure if Facebook advertising is right for your business, read on to find out if it is the platform you can’t afford to pass on.

Facebook Has Billions of Users 

There are currently two billion monthly active users on Facebook. That’s right – Facebook is still the go-to social network for most social media users.  With 1.15 billion daily active mobile users, cross platform advertising is a natural choice.

Facebook’s growth continues to be tremendous, making it the ideal platform for advertisers, which explains why it’s bringing in more ad revenue than traditional media.

Five new Facebook profiles are created every second, which means your customers are likely hanging out on this platform more than most. When they are on the platform, your customers are spending an average of 35 minutes a day – and that time continues to climb as the platform develops. So, if you’re not already budgeting and boosting for those billions of users – what are you waiting for?

FUN FACT: One study found that people are spending more time on social media than they do eating and drinking.

Reach New Potential Clients and Customers with Powerful Targeting Options

Facebook knows a lot about each and every one of its users, making audience targeting extremely effective for advertisers. What’s more, the platform only serves ads to users if they’re useful and relevant to them, making the social network an even more powerful medium. Advertisers can target audiences by user location, age, generation, gender, language, education level, field of study, school, ethnic affinity, income and net worth.

Some of the more powerful audience targets include Facebook Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences. With Custom Audiences, advertisers can easily reach existing customers and encourage them to re-order a product, revisit their store, or to let customers know of a new product launch. With Lookalike Audiences, which is a type of Custom Audience, advertisers can reach new people that are very similar to their current, Custom Audience. Lookalike Audiences help expand audience targeting to take action.

Lookalike Audiences can be built by an existing customer email list, a Facebook fan list from organic posts, users that have watched videos, or from a list of people who have completed a specific conversion event.

Best of All, it’s Cost Effective! 

There’s no minimum spend with Facebook ads. Businesses are able to get started, no matter their budget. With just a few dollars a day, advertisers can reach hundreds of users. For those wanting to get the most bang for their buck, Facebook ads are a great solution. Costs per click on the platform average about $0.28. In comparison, Google Adwords’ cost per click averages $1 to $2. 

Whether you’re trying to get more qualified leads, or increase sales from your ecommerce store, Facebook can meet your specific advertising needs. National Positions has a team of experts that can help with your social media questions. Interested in honing your Facebook skills, or creating your first ad? Contact us today to get started.



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