How to Use Google+ For Business

November 16, 2011

Since its launch in June 2011, Google+ has already become the fastest growing social network in modern history.

Google+ is more than another social network. It is the bridge between search and social media. It will change how people find your business.

That’s why National Positions has launched the first and only program of its kind—a monthly Google+ Marketing Program that builds on all the best SEO and social media strategies to help you create new leads.

How It Works

• Google + profile setup and optimization
• Profile design
• Google+ website integration and setup
• Direct Connect integration and setup

Creative Content
• 1 post per business day
• Posts that are relevant to your business, industry and market
• Posts that are valuable for SEO and branding
• Videos

• Add other brands to circles to boost exposure
• Add +1s to increase search and social activity
• Setup and help coordinate hangouts to promote new products and win over new customers

• Create email campaigns to encourage participation from customers
• Cross promote on your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube profiles and your company website to boost exposure

Marketing Best Practices

Here’s a quick rundown of how to maximize your lead generation on Google+.

Use Direct Connect
Adding a line of code on your website will integrate Direct Connect with all of your content on your Google+ profile and your website and make your brand a personalizes search portal. Basically, the Direct Connect function works a lot like the Twitter hashtag, allowing people to use the “+” with your brand name to search for all content posted by you.Click here to learn more about Direct Connect.

Share Lots of Photos & Videos
Like all social media, Google+ is a visual media. You have to share fun, dynamical content if you want people to remember you or, better yet, interact with you. So make sure you share lots of photos and videos if you can.

Add Recommended Links
Engagement is key. And Google+ has a great new feature that allows you to recommend link to viewers of your page. This is a small thing that’s easy to do, but it lets you boost visibility for your best marketing collateral, such as videos, blog posts or ebooks.

Create Hangouts
Hangouts is a signature feature that truly separates Google+ from Facebook. It is a group video conference application that lets you setup webinar-style meeting with your prospects and customers. This makes it easier to coordinate a webinar and get people opt-in and show up. Hangouts are great for promoting new products or specials your company is offering. Hangouts are also a great way to improve customer engagement in real-time!

Cross Promote on All Social Networks
Getting found online is always the toughest part of marketing. However, you can use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your Google+ profile. This accomplishes two things. 1) It helps you translate your previous social media success into better exposure on Google+. 2) By being an early adopter on Google+, you will endear yourself to social media users and actually boost your profile on all social networks.

Benefits Of Using Google+

• More exposure on Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
• Targeted traffic to your website
• Qualified lead generation
• Customer engagement
• Viral marketing campaigns for new products and deals

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