Growth Tactic #62: Brand Your Swag & Build Loyalty

April 3, 2017

Why would someone turn down a free item? She wouldn’t…because it’s FREE. In Growth Tactic #62 you’ll learn how to brand your swag & build loyalty. This 100-Day Digital Growth Plan tool will teach you what’s hot and what’s not – when it comes to the type of swag and promo items you should be giving away.

OVERVIEW–Brand Your Swag & Build Loyalty

I scream, you scream, we all scream YES for free stuff. Every once in a while a growth tactic like this one jumps off the internet and out into the real world. Invite customers, prospects, friends, influencers–anyone and everyone–to snag some of your swag. The more places they use or wear your freebie, the more free exposure your brand receives (give a little, get a lot). Your goal is to create a branded something that’s so good – people would buy it if you decided to charge a pretty penny. Do it right and experience the mother of all brand awareness campaigns.

Before we jump in…let’s review. The concept of “complimentary” isn’t new to your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan, which already includes the following tactics:

But for today…get ready to get your swag on. 


STEP ONE: Pick your swag. Which item will you start with? Some popular, totally not lame ideas: funky t-shirt, soft and cozy sweatshirt, metal water bottle, phone chargers. Keep in mind that wearable swag in particular, is not only free for them – it’s priceless for you. Can you say, “Walking Billboard?” On the lookout for something even niftier for those tier 1 clients? Check out these ideas.

STEP TWO: Design, order, and send your swag. Create a list of people (anyone from current customers to your 8th grade study buddy) who you think will rock or make use of your free promo item. Make sure your hunch is right–that these people will want your new BRANDtastic product. Pop them in the mail and move on to Step Three a few weeks later.

STEP THREE: Check on your swag recipients. Request that they email or upload pictures on social media of your t-shirt being worn, water bottle being filled, charger…charging. Your swag in action! Repurpose the photos on your own social profiles, website, new landing pages – even in your conference room at the office.


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