Growth Tactic #73 Make the Ask for Online Reviews

April 18, 2017

Good things come to those who ask for them. At least this much is true when we’re talking about online reviews. Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of not giving credit where credit is due sometimes. We get lazy or we just don’t think of it. But if someone were to flat-out ask you for a review – you just might be more inclined to follow through. Learn how to build your online reputation when you Make the Ask For Online Reviews, #73 in your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan. (Don’t forget to say please and thank you!)


You can do this. Really, what’s the worst that could happen? They say “No,” or ignore your request for an online review. To be blunt…you’re going to have to get over your fear of rejection if you want to continue building your online reputation. Reviews are essential to every business – whether you operate 100% online, own a brick-and-mortar location, or you’re juggling a combination of the two. When people search for you, you want them to be bombarded with five star ratings, gushing comments, blog post reviews, etc. And yes, of course there will be the occasional negative review – but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles from time to time. In fact, a few imperfect reviews can help make you look even more legitimate. Now, let’s start practicing the difference between asking, begging, and pleading…


STEP ONE: You’ve probably got at least a handful of customers who you can confidently say are elated with your product or service – jot them down on one list. Make another list of influencers you could target and then pitch. Remember, if you’re offering any incentives for influencer reviews, you must follow FTC guidelines (see our Resources and Tools section below).

STEP TWO: Make sure people have a place to review your brand when they’re ready. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve included a handy list of 20 spots below.

STEP THREE: It’s time to get your web designer and developer involved. Work together to make a landing page for your site. This is where you’ll direct your reviewers when you make “the ask.” Offer links to the different places they can leave their online review, so they don’t have to do any extra work. Make it as easy as humanly possible. Create your email template with a link to your new page. Personalize it just enough so they feel special – like their opinion in particular matters most to you. Keep an eye out for new reviews and send little thank you notes. Go even further and give it a personal touch.


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