Growth Tactic #66: Gain Loyalty with a Personal Touch–Say Thanks

April 7, 2017

Handwritten Thank You note with red heart

You know that little bubble of excitement you feel when you discover non-bill-related correspondence in the mailbox? It’s time to pay it forward. Show your customers that you’re willing to go the extra mile, by sending a little something across the miles. Lucky for you, Growth Tactic #66, Gain Loyalty with a Personal Touch–Say Thanks, breaks down the old school “thank-you marketing” method for you. The newest installment of your 100-Day Digital Growth Plan awaits!

OVERVIEW: Gain Loyalty with a Personal Touch–Say Thanks

What’s free to give, yet hard to get these days? A big, fat “Thank You.” How often do you get recognized for your greatness? Or, more importantly – how often do you acknowledge your customers for their business? You know how good it feels to get thanked, so what’s holding you back from making your regulars feel like a million bucks? All it takes is a short, sweet letter or a small gift with a personal note to make someone’s day and gain loyalty. Plus, you’ll help keep your brand fresh in their minds (and determine who else you should be thanking…). But don’t forget there is one thing that’s going to make your thank you stand out–if you handwrite it. And no, we don’t mean type it with a handwritten font. Find out which member of your team is still well-versed in the art of handwriting, assign the task–and don’t forget to seal it with a kiss, or maybe a coupon…and, save time by using one of the automated services highlighted in our Resources and Tools section below. 


STEP ONE: What’s the key to not spending too much time on something, but making it seem like you did…each and every time? Templates! Outlines! Fill-in-the-blank documents! This way, you can just plug the right name and references in a few places and bada bing bada boom. Consider one template for new customers, one for longtime loyal customers, another for business associates, a version for sales to use to help close the deal with prospects–a version for anyone you work with in any capacity who could use a little thankin’.

STEP TWO: Decide who you’re sending your first batch to, who’s going to be writing the letters, how the letters will look, and which employee is keeping track of the letter-sending. See our Resources and Tools section below for more ideas.

STEP THREE: Write, send, repeat! Write, send, repeat! (You get it, right?) See if you receive any positive responses and gauge any differences, no matter how small, in customer retention within the groups you send your letters to vs. those you don’t.


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