6 Indispensable Tips for Writing Content that Drives Traffic

August 14, 2015


You could spend years digging through reams of advice on how to write content that generates outstanding traffic results. We want you to have a life, so instead, we’ve condensed it down to 6 indispensable writing tips that have proven successful at driving traffic for high achievers at every level of business.

One way or another, you depend on digital content to drive traffic to your web site. Whether through trending social media posts across multiple platforms, funny videos you hope will go viral, or long-form blogs that explore industry news, make the most of every word, and keep those click-throughs coming.

1. Snag them with the headline

No matter what format your content takes, it all starts with the headline. Your headline can be either a welcome sign or a barrier to the reader, who is not so much reading as scanning. Most experts recommend short, easily scanned headlines, with an average of 60-65 characters.1 They can be shared across more social media, and give a real boost to SEO. Invite the reader to click through by offering something of value—the answer to a question, the solution to a problem, the secret to success, quick lists and tips.

2. Know your market, know your customer

What will inspire them to engage with your content? Are you an online fashion site targeting sophisticated, design-conscious women? Try creating a blog that regularly features the top fashion runway trends in Milan and Paris, highlighting future seasons. A market niche that always wants to stay one step ahead in new looks will turn to your site for the kind of fashions featured in your posts.

3. Be authentic, creating content that resonates

How? Think of your customer profile and build on topics that are valuable and relevant to this base. Let’s say you’re a supplier of home improvement products, doors, for example. Some portion of your market is made up of do-it-yourselfers. Become a reliable source for DIY installation tips and remodeling ideas, with a series of articles and blog posts, step-by-step instructions, or remodeling ideas. Include useful knowledge about tools, processes, or great home decorating ideas, perhaps referencing some of your products organically.

4. Be authoritative

Offer new information based on genuine expertise in your field. Give them access to insider knowledge that is relevant on a personal level. Are you a home cleaning service? Something as simple as an article outlining ways to solve tough cleaning problems using everyday household products has an evergreen value that will keep people returning to you as a source of information. They may save that article for future reference, while you have won trust and familiarity, making you the authority when they decide to hire a cleaning service.

5. Create read-worthy content

It’s hard to come across as authentic and authoritative if the quality of writing is lacking. The digital sphere is flooded with content marketing advice, so make sure yours stands out as polished, unique. Avoid distracting readers with typos that undermine your credibility. Get your point across quickly, but don’t hesitate to be thorough. Nothing succeeds like humor, if you can pull it off, and keeping the reader engaged with useful, interesting content is always a win for search ratings.

6. The ultimate trick for getting more out of less content—the Content Pillar

This grand-sounding trick is a strategy employed by top digital marketing firms to save you time and money while generating bigger traffic numbers. Here it is in a nutshell: develop one central piece of content, such as a longform article. Use that piece as your central resource, to split off smaller chunks of content. Repurpose the information into presentations, infographics, blog posts, videos, and more.

Blend these top writing tips consistently into your content to help build your brand, drive traffic to your site, attract new leads and ultimately, build a loyal fan-base of customers who look forward to learning what else you have to share.

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