What to know about the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Engine Alliance

July 20, 2010

First off, it’s important to understand that online search engines are businesses, too. Therefore, it is only logical that they compete with one another to provide the best overall experience and highest quality results for each and every user.

Recently, Yahoo! and Microsoft announced that search results provided by Yahoo! would soon make a transition to Bing-powered results. So, what does this mean for your company rankings? Well, soon enough you will notice that Bing results will be displayed for about 30% of the overall search query. This means that optimization for Bing, which is a bit different from the other search engines, may be necessary for your website.

If your site ranks higher on Yahoo! than it does on Bing, you may see the lower ranking once the transition takes effect. To make up for this in the short term, you may want to modify your paid online advertising or pay-per-click campaigns.

In the end, Yahoo! and Microsoft are looking to make a transition to higher quality organic search results for users. Over the next couple of posts, we will look at some optimization tips for Bing, as well as how the transition may affect your PPC presence.

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