What to consider when selecting keywords for SEO

January 22, 2011

When beginning your SEO campaign for your business, you will need to work closely with your SEO company in order to select the most relevant keywords you can. The keywords should be broad enough to be actively searched but specific enough for you to stand out in the crowd. This will help draw traffic to your website and could generate more leads and sales for your company. While this may sound simple in theory, here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting which keywords to target for your website.

  • Overlapping Keywords – You can optimize your site for similar phrases that contain the same keywords to rank for multiple pages. Examples include optimization for “auto title loan application,” which helps for “title loan application,” “auto title loan,” and “title loan.”
  • Plural Keywords – If you can easily make your keyword plural, you will want to see which version of the keyword is searched more often. There is a minor difference in search engines picking up plural versus singular keywords, so optimize for the most common and use other versions in the body of your text.
  • Misspelled Keywords – Stay away from using misspelled keywords in page titles and copy. This makes your company appear unprofessional and could hurt your long-term rankings.
  • Capitalized Keywords – Capitalizing keywords usually makes no difference to search engines. You will see the same results in either case.
  • Hyphenated Keywords – Most search engines do differentiate between hyphenated and non-hyphenated keywords. The hyphen is treated like a space, therefore showing the engine two words instead of one. Be mindful of this when selecting keywords.
  • Local Keywords – Since different countries speaking the same language have different dialects and lingo, be sure to research how your company and products are searched in that market.

With these tips in mind, you and your SEO company will be able to select keywords that relate to your industry and company and can begin optimizing your pages and content to help increase traffic for your site.

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