What Social Media Aspects Affect SEO

May 19, 2011

Social media and SEO can go hand in hand. There are a few things to keep in mind when working on your social media presence and how it will affect SEO.
The quality of your followers on Twitter matters. Just like you don’t want spammy links and bad links can have a negative impact on SEO, so will spammy Twitter followers. Even though there is no algorithm for Twitter profiles and followers in search engine results yet, spend your time working on building up quality followers that will be much more beneficial to you than ones that are not relevant to your industry or your company.
Working on followers that will retweet your messages is useful. When your tweets get retweet by more users search engines see the information as something that is useful. The more retweets a company has, the more that company is going to show up in search engines. This is also good for brand recognition.
Facebook fans are important but so is the amount of interaction they have with your Facebook page. The interaction on your Facebook page and whether or not it is good or bad will have an effect as well. Good reviews help improve your brand and are a sign that you are doing something right. Search engines are already starting to measure the good and bad comments against each other in results.

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