What Is The Golden Triangle?

October 21, 2011

Happy Friday, everyone!

Since it’s Friday, we wanted to get back to the basics. And for the foundation of your Internet marketing strategy, you need to be quite familiar with The Golden Triangle, a marketing term which represents the top-left portion of the webpage where the visitors’ attention is naturally drawn.

The Golden Triangle has a big impact on how successful you are at getting your website found online (whether it’s via organic search results, paid ads or social media) as well as converting visitors into customers.

Watch our video to learn how to use the Golden Triangle principles to get your business found online as well as to boost online sales!

For example, AutoLightPros.com – an ecommerce store specializing in aftermarket auto lights – does an excellent job utilizing the principle of the Golden Triangle to increase conversions and sales. Are there any sites that you stand out to you as exemplifying the Golden Triangle principle? Let us know what you think!

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