Video SEO

July 16, 2010

Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) is quickly becoming an integral part of the SEO process. Now that search engines are displaying videos, websites and news as part of more “blended” results, it is a good idea to not only upload videos to the Internet, but to also optimize them.

With the already vast number of video sharing sites online, it is important to place your video(s) in a variety of places. The same rules for optimizing your website also apply to videos: use keywords in your titles and descriptions to have the best chance for improving visibility.

So how does this help you? By uploading your videos, even if they are as short as a 30 second commercial, and optimizing the content, descriptions and titles, you will have added much more to your online presence. In addition to your optimized website, your videos will gain better rankings in search results on search engines and video sharing sites like YouTube.

With Video SEO services from National Positions, you will be able to give your company the extra boost it needs to gain visibility, increase traffic and reach markets you may not have been able to before.

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