What is Video SEO?

November 19, 2014

When Google started offering blended search results–with relevant videos interspersed amongst their top search results–VSEO became a crucial element to successful online marketing. Because these results had click-to-play images and were often right at the top of the organic results, video SEO campaigns allowed businesses easy access to incredibly powerful exposure and helped brands of all sizes gain a whole new audience.

Now, thanks to Penguin and Panda, diversity, relevance, share-ability and user-experince are at an all time high as top priorities to Google’s algorithm and key ranking factors for getting found at the top of the SERPs. And that’s why video SEO has never been more important.

Over the past few years, with Google’s changing algorithm and the continuing rise of video-sharing mogul YouTube, video production, promotion and optimization have  grown drastically in importance. Google’s goal is to give users what they want, and customers love how-to videos, viral clips, quick synopses, fast answers and engaging content, all of which videos provide.

Take a look back at what VSEO looked a couple of years ago, and you’ll see not much has changed–optimized title tags, helpful, in-depth and accurate video descriptions, viral video ideas, industry-relvenant topics, and high-quality videos are still the secrets to successful video marketing. But it’s now more crucial then ever to start looking into how your business can leverage video SEO to boost visibility, drive traffic, build an audience and boost sales.

Check out how video marketing grew to become essential and what VSEO is all about in the video below.


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