Using Your Email Marketing for SEO

May 5, 2011

You can add more to your SEO strategy by using your email marketing content. Here are a few tips in how it can benefit your SEO efforts.

You can post your message through email as you would for an article online. You can title it differently so it’s separate from your archived articles on your website and won’t appear as duplicate content. Each newsletter could be its own page and you can link to previous and subsequent entries.

Don’t just put out your newsletter and leave it at that. When you email your newsletter it will most likely be read within a day or two, but when it’s on your website it could be there years into the future. Delete any time-sensitive content and any mentions to upcoming events to keep your content fresh.

Keep in mind the VIP offers you include in your newsletter. When your newsletter is on your website every one will be able to read it, not just the special people who subscribe to your newsletter. You don’t want to let it be known that you provide special treatment for subscribers since other readers may not take kindly to that so it’s best to remove it from your publicly posted edition.

If your newsletters have an element of a hard sell it’s advised to tone it down and include neutral information. You want to be able to capture the interest of your readers.

Even if no one is reading the newsletters on your website, they will still provide you unique and relevant content that search engines want to see.

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