Types of Useful SEO Content

February 15, 2011

When it comes to SEO, having updated content frequently can help increase your search ranking results for your website. Here are some forms of content that an SEO company can provide you with that can help your rankings improve.

  1. Blogs- a blog allows you to create content that is updated frequently, and can answer questions that your target audience wants to know. You can also respond to industry-related news and get feedback from your audience in direct comments.
  2. Facebook- Facebook is a great way to self promote, but if that is the only thing you are doing then that is wrong. Facebook is a way to create useful content that people want to share, thus helping spread the word of your business.
  3. Twitter- Updating Twitter goes along with the same guidelines of Facebook. You should have useful content and once you have done that for a while you can self promote.
  4. Press Releases- These are great for when something new happens to your business. A press release is useful to post on your website as well as distribute to press release distribution services and link to on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Article Content- Content that doesn’t fit on the blog or as press release content. An SEO company can help send out articles to get your company noticed by various media.

Creating all this content using the correct keywords can be tricky. An SEO company can help you create this content so you can help your business improve its SEO rankings.

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