Twitter Announces Automatic URL Shortening

June 8, 2011

With millions of tweets everyday, Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms today. All across the globe, more and more people are joining the Twitter community each day. The Twitterverse has emerged as a sphere for successful Internet marketing, which explains why the volume of businesses that are becoming active on Twitter for engagement and promotion continues to skyrocket. Twitter has just made the tweeting life even easier by rolling out a new feature that automatically shortens URL hyperlinks in tweets.

People on Twitter (or should I say tweeple), whether they’re consumers or companies, use Twitter to post links to other websites whether it’s a funny video, interesting article, a cool blog post, or a company website. Previously, posting a URL on Twitter took up a hefty amount of your precious 140-character limit unless you went to another website like to shorten it to have more space to tweet your thoughts. Now when you paste a URL into your tweet box, Twitter notifies you at the bottom of the box that your “link will appear shortened.” The feature squeezes your original lengthy URL into a more twitter-friendly 19-character URL with a link ID.

Twitter has removed that extra step of seeking outside URL shortening, making it even more convenient for your business to link to your latest blog post or press release. However, Twitter says it will continue to support third-party URL shortening sites. One of the main reasons businesses engage in Twitter is because it’s a powerful approach to drive targeted traffic to your website and can do wonders for lead generation, giving you another reason why your business should be using social media integration tools on your website and blog.

Businesses are using Twitter for posting links to create higher traffic volume, and your tweeting lives were just made even easier thanks to Twitter. Pair this with Twitter’s recent feature that lets you easily add pictures to your tweets, and you can see why Twitter and other social media sites are so popular: They make an interactive experience extremely easy for people.

Another great element of the link-shortening feature is its security component. The new service verifies the link before it’s posted to warn users if the posted URL is a potentially dangerous one. The new link-shortening service on Twitter only works for URLs posted in Tweets so it won’t be a resource for other link-shortening purposes.

Twitter is releasing this feature to a restricted percentage of Twitter users at first, but be on the lookout for when this feature pops up on your account soon.

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