Twitter Announces Analytics

November 17, 2010

Twitter announced today that it is currently alpha testing an analytical tool with select users. Twitter Analytics is designed to provide relevant statistical information about tweets. As of this writing, the service is to be provided free of charge. No rollout date is scheduled yet.

Regular users of the site will no doubt find this kind of information impossible to resist. Whether it is a personal witticism or something business-related, users are naturally curious about the level of influence their 140-character-or-less ‘text bites’ are wielding. If a celebrity retweets you, or if several of your followers abandon you over something that seemed like a clever phrase at the time, Analytics aims to let you know. And that kind of information may be key in fleshing out a productive and influential presence on Twitter.

The understanding of the marketing influence of social media is still in a relatively immature state. Having access to the kind of information that Twitter Analytics intends to provide may go a long way in helping businesses understand exactly how they are connecting (or disconnecting) with their customers on a personal basis, in near-real time.

This announcement gives even more incentive to companies to establish a presence on Twitter and cultivate online relationships with its customers. By using proper analytical tools to help quantify the benefits of Twitter’s conversational forum, companies focusing their efforts on social media should be able to see a competitive edge.

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