Tumblr’s Rise and Popularity: Social Media Lessons Learned

November 14, 2011

Mashable has an amazing new infographic showing Tumblr’s huge rise and popularity.


In just 4 years, Tumblr has become the most popular blogging platform in the world, even surpassing WordPress. Tumblr has grown at an amazing 900% in the last year.

Much of Tumblr’s success is owed to the loyalty of its users. 2% of all users account for 43% of all total traffic.

Many people are surprised at Tumblr’s staggering popularity, considering that WordPress essentially had this market dominated as recently as 2 years ago.

So what is the secret to Tumblr’s success? 2 reasons.

1. The built-in social network
2. The user-friendly designs and features

The built-in social network for Tumblr allows all users to follow and subscribe easily to other bloggers. While Facebook and Twitter create a network that allows us to self-select what we see, Tumblr makes blogging its own fun social network.

Meanwhile, Tumblr’s user-friendly design and features makes it a much more enjoyable and informal way to brand yourself or your company. In fact, many corporations use Tumblr in addition to a formal company blog. They use their Tumblr blog as a fun creative outlet for their staff as well as a window into the culture and community of the company. J. Crew and IBM are 2 great examples of using Tumblr for your business.

Marketing Takeaway
Use social media to brand yourself and your company in a personal, genuine way. Tumblr has allowed companies of all sizes to communicate more personally with their customers. And people have responded really well to this kind of social media marketing.

The key is to remember that you need to truly engage with your community. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of time being trendy or creative, especially since most companies don’t have the time or resources to devote to a full-blown social media campaign.

However, your company should be communicating with your customers and not just selling to them. This means that you should provide some real value, like offering promotions and giveaways or answering questions about your products or services.

It’s also a good idea to put your employees front and center. Your customers are more likely to respond favorably if they feel like they’re dealing with people and not a big corporation. So let your staff use social media to communicate on a personal level.

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