Top 6 Reasons to Make it Mobile and Stay User-Friendly

March 10, 2017

Multiple mobile devices and keyboard displayedDid you know that over 85 percent of millennials own a smartphone? Since millennials make up one of the largest consumer segments in the world right now, that is a significant bit of data. In other words, mobile matters in most industries. It matters so much that Google’s all-important algorithms take mobile-friendliness into account when ranking pages. Just to get you started, we’ve come up with these top 6 reasons to make it mobile and stay user-friendly.

Businesses that want their websites to rank well in organic searches need to pierce the mobile envelope, but what does that mean exactly? It’s not enough to create pages that fit on those tiny mobile screens. To really excel in this market, you have to offer perks like pages that load faster and do more for those millions of potential customers who live with a smartphone or tablet in one hand. They’re the ones who buy online, bank online and search online. So, let’s review–why does mobile need to be a priority for your business?

1. Because Google is Not Asking Nicely Anymore

There was a time when Google merely suggested you make sites mobile-friendly, but that changed with the algorithm update in 2015 called, appropriately, Mobilegeddon. The new algorithm favors websites that interact well with mobile devices. With this change, Google responded to the demands of its users by recognizing that more than half their traffic comes via mobile searches. Maximizing the company’s SEO means paying attention to Google ranking factors, including mobile friendliness.

You can take this a bit further, too. The trick to staying ahead of the competition is constantly making adjustments to SEO and, today, that means accelerated mobile pages (AMP). Put simply, AMP is a type of HTML coding that allows pages to load quickly on a mobile device. Just this one small adjustment allows your page to load four times faster without burning up the viewer’s data stream.

Google appears to give even more brownie points to websites that use AMP coding, including providing them with an icon that stands out to mobile users. When they see the lightning bolt, they know the pages load fast and use less data. AMPs also show up on Google carousels, providing you with even more internet visibility.

2. Because Your Target Audience Uses Mobile

Young man using smartphone walking in airport

Unless your business sells only to octogenarians, then your target audience is probably using mobile. Building a brand requires creating a presence that reaches as many people as possible in all the viable channels.  There is a reason Google considers mobile important. The Pew Research Center states that 95 percent of Americans own some type of mobile phone – and most of them access the internet with it. That’s up from 35 percent in 2011.

It is impossible to ignore the impact mobile technology has on every market, whether you target B2B or B2C. No matter what your target audience niche, it is safe to assume that they rely on mobile for just about everything.

3. Because User Experience Optimization is the New Black

You are probably familiar with SEO, but what about UEO? User experience optimization really counts today. Internet viewers are flooded with information, almost to the point of mental saturation. Your goal through UEO is to make an impact – preferably a positive one – so your company’s website and marketing campaigns are memorable. The user experience defines your brand, no matter what device people are searching on. You already know how many rely on mobile devices, so offer them:

  • Mobile pages that load fast (AMPs),
  • Mobile designs that create a personal connection,
  • The UI/UX mobile experience – user interface (UI) refers to the usable items on a page, like buttons; UX stands for user experience.

Your marketing plan should be geared toward creating a memory for audiences in order to build brand recognition. Now, you need to shift your mindset to mobile for making that memory instead.

Woman using smartphone and looking at laptop

4. Because Social Means Mobile

What are people doing when they stare into their mobile phones while sitting at a coffee shop or walking down the street? Chances are they’re checking their various social media accounts such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snap
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

These are all potential marketing platforms that are already mobile-friendly. If you have active social media marketing strategies in place – and you should – then using mobile-ready marketing assets, like graphics and videos, is important. You also want to develop social media ads that expand to mobile to reach that target demographic.

Most of the mainstream social media networks make this easy. Facebook, for example, earns a significant portion of its revenue with mobile ads. It’s not a difficult transition to make once you realize the potential.

5. Because Mobile is More Personal

Amplifying the user experience also means making a personal connection. What could possibly be more personal than communication that goes everywhere your lead goes?  Creating mobile assets is the ultimate user-friendly experience for businesses. You are with them in the car, in the home, at the grocery store and even in the doctor’s office. Mobile marketing has fewer limitations because it doesn’t require you to grab their attention when they are sitting in front of a computer. It’s less about luck and more about reaching out on a personal level.

6. Because Mobile Technology is the New Frontier

Today, marketing professionals focus on mobile technology, but there is more to come. Mobile is full of futuristic possibilities, like virtual reality and wearable devices, that are already starting to show up in the market. It all begins with making that jump to mobile-friendly. You need to have a foundation to build on, as even more engaging technology is on the horizon.

Ten years ago, businesses had just one choice to reach potential customers online, so the focus was on desktop and laptop optimization. Today’s average consumers still spend some time sitting in front of a screen, but now they have expanded their options. Through mobile marketing, your business gets a second chance to make an impact on these users and grow your influence with them. If you are not taking advantage of evolving mobile concepts like AMPs and UI/UX design, then you’re missing out on more than just a top Google ranking. There is a whole mobile marketplace out there waiting for you to get friendly. Not sure where to start? Let us help you update your business website for mobile-friendliness and AMP, and do a thorough refresh on your SEO infrastructure. Contact us today at 877-866-6699.


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