Top 5 Simple Twitter Marketing Tips

June 23, 2014

A tweet might only be 140 characters, but successful businesses know that there’s a whole lot more to Twitter marketing than that.

Our social media experts share some of their tips on what you simple things you can do to improve your Twitter marketing campaign.

1. Don’t Tweet in Batches

We’re talking no tweet pile-ups here people. Writing up ideas, tweets and more in advance is a great way to make sure you always have content to post for your twitter marketing campaign, but it’s important to schedule what you share on social media and stagger your posts so that followers aren’t left with lags between tweets and can stay actively—and consistently—engaged.

2. Listen—And Respond

Twitter might be a great platform to broadcast your brand, but don’t forget every great conversation has two sides. One of the best ways to boost engagement, up-retweets and encourage customer loyalty is to respond to your followers in personable, timely, and creative ways.

3. Don’t Just Share–Create

If all of the content you tweet is someone else’s—the pictures you post, the infographics you link to, the articles you share, the witty one-liners you dish, and the expert advice you give—then you’re doing Twitter marketing wrong.

There needs to be a fine balance of sharing and creating. So write a blog post, and then tweet that. Come up with a new deal or a neat piece of advice, and then tweet that. Having other opinions and content that doesn’t belog to your brand can spice up your Twitter strategy and give your followers a fun glimpse at what else is going on in your industry, but don’t let that dominate your own voice.

4. Follow The Brands That Do The Best Job

Whether it’s relevant content, tweets with personality, strategic marketing, real-time tweeting during big events, killer customer service, or actively engaging their followers on a one-on-one level, these brands show us how to do Twitter marketing the right way.

To get inspired, try checking out:

Orea (@Oreo)

Arby’s (@Arbys)

Delta (@delta)

Old Spice (@OldSpice)

DiGiorno (@DiGiornoPizza),

Taco Bell (@TacoBell)

Charmin (@Charmin)

and Smart Car (@smartcarusa), just to name a few.

5. Don’t Judge The Quality of Your Connections Based on Your Number of Followers

We all know metrics are important, but sometimes, its not all about the numbers. Making a connection with a customers (or a potential customer) can mean a lot more than simply adding another follower—or 10, or 20 or 30. It’s great to grow your reach and increase your follower base, but don’t forget to focus on connecting with the followers you already have by sharing the kinds of content they like, acknowledging active members of your community, and conversing with anyone looking to join the conversation.

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