Tools for Content Marketers

April 30, 2012

In order to be successful at content marketing, there are many different content marketing plans you can and should implement at certain times. Your content will vary compared to other companies, depending on what your plan and goals are. Here are different types of content you can use:


Videos are important and should be used by your company to not only offer an alternative to blogging that still informs customers about a certain idea or product/service but to also make them feel closer to your brand. Videos don’t always have to go viral. As long as they enlighten users about what you intended them to learn about, then the video has done a successful job.


People are signing up for webinars, especially if they’re free. They offer a great way to learn more about certain problems they have come across and how your services can address these issues. You should make the webinars interesting and not something that will put people to sleep, because after all, you want those who view your webinar to feel motivated to use your products/services.


If one person has a question about your company, products or services, it’s safe to say that there are more people out there with the same question. That’s why Q&As are so important. They provide you with the chance to answer these questions so that customers or potential customers feel more at ease when it comes to relevant questions they may have.

Case Studies

In order for potential customers to believe that your products/services work, you need to provide them with several case studies that prove what you offer is indeed effective. Your case studies should be easy to find depending on what products/services were used to resolve certain issues.


In order to understand how to address any problems potential or current customers may have, eBooks offer a great way to share information with them in order to gain some knowledge on a topic they weren’t too familiar with. One of our blogs explains how to create a successful eBook.

Email Newsletters

One great way that allows you an opportunity to gain more leads is email newsletters. You can develop a following if you send them out regularly and make sure they are filled with informative and interesting information. Make it easy to link back to relevant pages on your site. Email newsletters can be great to keep customers in the loop.

There are several other content marketing plans you might want to look into such as apps & tools, presentations, curated content, reviews, podcasts and infographics that can also be beneficial.

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