Tips from Facebook to Marketers

May 15, 2012

Over the course of a month, Facebook kept tabs on 23 brand Pages to see which of their posts did the best. What they came up with was that the posts that pertained to your business did better than the ones that did not.

Sean Bruich, Facebook’s head of measurement, says that “topics related to brand or about the brand were significant predictors of increased engagement. When pages post about topics related to brands, they increase engagement.”

What Bruich says is true, because lots of times companies will try to post something that’s popular at the moment to try to stay relevant. While it’s important to stay up-to-date with things in the news, if certain topics are something that your followers won’t be interested in, then there’s no point in posting them.

Other things that Facebook says will be beneficial to brand engagement are posting photos, videos and albums to produce more “likes.” With the Timeline, it’s easier for videos and photos to be seen by users, because they take up more of the space compared to a status update. Facebook also adds that more engagement will come from asking a question in a status update or post. If it’s one that you want to be seen over the course of a few days, you can star your post so it is more visible to users.

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