The Top Questions To Ask When PPC Split Testing

February 1, 2013

When it comes to split testing your pay per click ads, it can be confusing to know which variations are the most important to test, which questions are the most important to be asking ourselves, which should be focused on first, and more.

It turns out the best questions to be asking yourself are often the simplest. So before beginning to test your PPC ads, ask yourself: who, what, why, and how.

By asking yourself who’s in your market, what they’re looking for, why they’re looking, and how they want it, you can have all the information you need to create a thorough split test and a successful PPC campaign.


Who’s searching for my products or services? Who’s going to buy them? Who am I trying to reach?

Think of demographics like age, location, gender, education, and income. And don’t forget to factor in psychographics like lifestyles, interests, desires, values, outlooks and attitudes. If your customers are searching for flowers, for example, are they older women looking to decorate for a dinner party or are they young guys without a lot of cash about to go on a first date? Think of all the possible groups of potential customers and run ads targeted at each simultaneously. Compare the buying patterns within each group, and then concentrate on your most profitable market.


What do they want? What are they looking for?

Once you’ve narrowed down the “who” that makes up your target market, you need to figure out what it is exactly that those people are looking for. Do they want flower


Why do your customers want your products or services?

This is an important question that can be answered by trying to evoke different sentiments from the copy in your ads. Is a customer looking for simple flowers to brighten up a room? Are they looking to make a grand gesture with the gift of an expensive bouquet? Appealing to the notions of luxury, romance, and delicacy would attract a customer with one “why” behind their search, but not necessarily another.


Now that you know who the members of your market are, as well as what they’re looking for and why, it’s time to ask how they want it.

What price range? What quality level? Are they looking for something from a huge store with a huge stock or a small, local shop? questions like these will help you narrow down which smaller details to put forward. While the big picture questions like who, what and why must be asked first, the “how” should be saved for last and can be easily tested in AdWords.

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