The Move Towards Link Outreach

December 10, 2012

Neil Patel recently posted a really interesting blog post that addresses the changes happening with linking and what that means for our internet marketing strategies. We all know that links are a great way to get traffic back to your site, and even better, they’re also fantastic for your rankings. What’s important to keep in mind though, is that it’s not just linking’s role that is changing; the way businesses are going about linking is changing too.

As we look towards the start of 2013, we’re noticing new trends in SEO and Internet marketing strategies that could mean great things for your business if you choose to take advantage of them. The buzzword that’s becoming increasingly common, and will continue to be increasingly relevant in the new year, is link outreach. Generating links back to your site by reaching out and posting quality content– coupons, documents, videos, and more– via social media, email, or posting on other sites, is what the process of linking is quickly evolving into. Why? Because, as Patel admits, “It works. It actually works really well.”

Things are more competitive now than ever so, unsurprisingly, it’s more important to stay ahead of the competition by recognizing these shifts. We all learned quickly that it’s important not just to have content, but quality content. Now, it’s not just about generating quality content, but distributing it in a diverse set of ways and to a variety of different platforms. Whether it’s a high quality video, a valuable podcast, an rousing press release, or even something as small as a well-designed coupon, ensuring your quality content is shared on a wide array of platforms is essential. Why? By getting just a few pieces of high quality content out there, when combined with profiles and effective backlinks, businesses can create an effective system of backlinks that will not only help them build relationships with consumers but increase their sites rankings as well.

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