The Basics of Your Call to Action Button

June 22, 2011

The main part of your conversion optimization strategy is your call to action button. This button is how you convert your web visitors into customers. So it is very important to have a compelling, prominent, and well-placed call to action button.

So what words do you use to get web visitors to click on your call to action button? Words that do not tell the web visitor much information, such as “click here” or “submit”, are not only the worst way but also the most ineffective way to get web visitors to do what you want. Instead you should use a short, descriptive snippet that tells the traffic the significance and benefit of completing your call to action. In fact, the most effective call to action buttons are usually ones that use very simple, short, and to the point wording.

Now where do you want your call to action button placed? Your company’s call to action button should be visible above the fold of your homepage or landing page. This means that when web visitors land on your page, your call to action button should be easily seen without the visitor having to scroll down the page. In addition, your website design should be optimized to point attention to your call to action button. The prominence of your button can be enhanced with an appropriate color scheme and by the size of the button.

What color should your button be and does color really matter? Picking colors for your website design as well as your call to action button is actually an important part of your Internet marketing strategy. This is because there is a psychology to colors and certain colors make people feel certain things. You want to pick a color that will make people react and want to click your call to action button. Red call to action buttons are supposedly the best for increasing conversion, but you should understand that the color of your button should represent the type of audience you are trying to sell your products or services to. Regardless of what color you end up choosing for your call to action button, keep in mind that contrasting colors work best to draw your viewers’ attention. So a contrasting website color and call to action color is optimal.

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