Social Media Marketing and SEO

January 14, 2011

For the longest time, SEO companies and Internet marketers seemed to focus on traditional methods of SEO rather than social media. The reason, at the time, was that links coming from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were almost always nofollowed, which means they didn’t add much, if any, value to your ranking or SEO strategy. But now that there are indications that search engines use social media activity to influence search results.

Bing and Google have said that shared links to pages are taken into account, likely because they can be an indication of the popularity and relevance of that link to a particular audience. To capitalize on this, you will want to do research on keywords, like your SEO company is likely doing already for your SEO strategy. Knowing the right keywords to use will allow you to craft messages and updates that appeal to searched terms on the respective social media site. Therefore, your messages can have a higher chance of being seen and links followed.

Much in the same way that traditional SEOs operate, be sure to set up tracking for social media activity. Google Analytics has a way to separate your traffic into social activity. On the same note, use a URL shortener in your updates that give you statistics you can measure, like You can also get a vanity URL shortener by using the pro service.

Now that you have a start with how you can craft updates for Facebook and Twitter to maximize SEO potential, be sure to work closely with those doing your SEO to implement social media into your overall strategy. This will help you capitalize on the social media you are already doing for your company, as well as show the search engines that your content is valuable and relevant to your audience and keywords.

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