Six Inbound Marketing Tips

April 4, 2012

Inbound marketing is a helpful marketing strategy that has proven to be effective if done correctly. Here are some aspects of inbound marketing that people usually get wrong and what you can do to prevent them.

Customer Testimonials

One major mistake when it comes to customer testimonials is that they can either sound too dry and boring or they can come off contrived by giving your business too many compliments. While your business might actually deserve these compliments, to customers, they’ll come off as fake or exaggerated reviews. You want reviews to come off natural and accurate without being too boring or too over-the-top.

Website Product Pages

Your website product page is where customers go to find out what products or services you offer. If your product page is unclear, you can leave your customers very confused. You don’t want it to be too wordy or use confusing word choices. It’s better to be straightforward as to what it is your business offers. If you give customers a clear reason to buy from you and not your competitors, they’ll be more willing to use your company.

Press Releases

Press releases are needed every once in a while, but they shouldn’t be so cut and dry. If you make them stand out by using graphs or charts, you can visually draw people in. Make sure that quotes add something to the press release and aren’t just a reiteration of what’s already there. Write your press releases to reflect the news sites you are reaching out to so that they are more relatable. You should also make sure to perform SEO on your press releases so that they’re found through related keywords.

Stock Photos

Usually when using stock photography, the images are very generic and aren’t very appealing. If you really want to draw customers in, you should have custom photos on your website. This allows customers to get a better feel as to who your business is.

Too Much Text

You don’t want to turn customers away because you have too much pointless text on your website. It can seem overwhelming to them, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the terms. You should think about revisiting your text and rewriting your content to make it relatable to the audience you’re trying to target.

‘About Us’

Usually most ‘About Us’ pages are the same, boasting about the company and aren’t very original. In order to make your page stand out, you should be clear and to the point about who you are and what you offer. You should drive users to the appropriate pages that you’re mentioning. You can also include a short video that visitors will be able to watch when they go to your ‘About Us’ page.

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