Should Your Business Use Pinterest?

April 3, 2012

A while ago we posted a blog asking, ‘Should You, As a Business Owner, Take Interest in Pinterest?

Now if you go on Pinterest, you’ll see a lot more brands popping up on the still popular site. If your business has a lot of visual content it can share on Pinterest, maybe you should use it to market your products/services. If your content isn’t very visually appealing or you don’t think that users will engage with your posts, then maybe you should use other social media sites to market yourself.

A helpful infographic that can help you decide on if you should go down the Pinterest path has come out from Intuit. It’s up to you, though, to decide if you’re going to take the advice of an infographic. Maybe you’ve been debating on whether or not to join Pinterest and if your results are that you should give it a try, the infographic will be the final push you needed to get started.

If you decided that, yes, you’re going to start using Pinterest, know that you aren’t supposed to post pictures of your products on Pinterest. Instead, convey a lifestyle that reflects who you are as a business. You want to make users feel like they should be using your products/services. You want them to picture themselves using them. By using several boards to pin to, you can have different themes on each one.

You can also use Pinterest to run contests to expose your brand to a bigger audience. If you ask them to pin images of them using your products or services, your brand can gain more exposure, especially since those using Pinterest are big into re-pinning content. You then reward the most creative individuals with a prize that they’ll appreciate. This can also be great for crowdsourcing.

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