Should You, As a Business Owner, Take Interest in Pinterest?

February 10, 2012

You might have heard the buzz about a new social media network out, Pinterest. Launching about a year ago, Pinterest now has over 10 million users. If you’re a business owner, this might sound like a potential marketing opportunity or you might realize that this is one form of social media you would rather avoid.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is compiled of different boards, similar to bulletin boards, where you can “pin” various photos or videos that pique your interest. Right now, you need an invitation in order to create a profile, but once you receive one, you are ready to pin.

How To Use Pinterest

Businesses might be wary, because Pinterest protocol implies that you should not use it as a means of self-promotion. Instead, you can post photos or videos that represent your brand or convey a particular lifestyle. While these images won’t be directly relevant, you can still indirectly address concepts.

What to Pin

You shouldn’t be scared of sharing unique posts on Pinterest. As a business owner, you can have several boards with various themes. The more distinctive your posts are, the more users will be intrigued.

By expressing a certain theme through your posts, users can get a sense of what kind of business you are. This will lead to re-pins, comments, likes, and they may eventually go to your website where they will be able to become a customer.

Is Pinterest For Your Business?

You can decide whether or not Pinterest is something you would like your business to associate with. By posting photos and videos that indirectly tie back to your business, your company won’t get the same exposure as it would on other social media websites. While on the other hand, Pinterest users may be enticed by your posts and can eventually end up on your website to get a clearer picture at what your business offers.

Either way you look at it, you can’t lose. If you decide to use Pinterest to market your business, it’s another way to put your business out there. If you decide not to use Pinterest, there are several other social media websites you can utilize that can be just, if not more, beneficial to your business than Pinterest.

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